Corporate Social Responsibility
SHIG India is a part of the SHIG Group which employs over 80,000 personnel worldwide, as well as conduct business with various vendors globally. Our aim at SHIG India is to emulate the principles and ethics of our group companies and follow the best practices to serve the community. These actions start from home and hence we are focused on the welfare of our employees, vendors and channel partners.

We, at SHIG India believe that contributing to society should be a part of our culture and not an obligatory practice. ‘Doing good’ goes beyond philanthropy and CSR. It is more than just random acts of kindness. ‘Doing good’ is a purpose, an attitude, and a way of life. A guide for conducting business. And ourselves.


The Company CSR Policy focusses on:
  • Welfare of SHIG India employees and their families.
  • Maintain ethical relations with our vendors, as well as channel partners.
  • Address critical social, environmental and economic needs of the underprivileged sections of the society.

SHIG India’s employees have ingrained a sense of social responsibility beyond just their workplace and commitment to society by participating in the welfare of the deprived and needy sections of the society.

Their smiles bring hope!
  • Jagriti School for blind girls, Pune

Every school today has a fitness center that caters to the overall wellbeing of a child. However, there are some who cannot afford even the basic necessities of life. These children come from economically weaker sections of the society and are deprived of the joy of getting even the basic education which is of utmost importance.

In February 2019, a team from SHIG India visited Jagriti School for blind girls who cater to the visually impaired children. The facility is specially designed and equipped to facilitate boarding, lodging, as well as educational classrooms. 

A small step towards creating many smiles!

We at SHIG India believe in contributing and uplifting the lower strata of the society whose families wish to strengthen their roots by providing quality education to their children and enabling them to complete their aspirations, have a career and be part of India growth story. 

While they work towards fulfilling their dreams, it is obligatory for us to support this stream by helping these children with the basic requirements of education, which is a constraint for many. 
SHIG India, had played a small role in a recent event by providing school bags and stationery to