Why join us?

At SHIG India, we encourage a culture of collaboration and meritocracy. You’ll have the opportunity to share your thoughts and ideas, while working closely with people who are as passionate about their jobs as you are. Your job here isn’t just to do your work – it’s to take initiatives, be creative and welcome new ideas. We believe the best way to grow our business is by developing your career.

Your journey begins with planning your development and connecting to diverse experiences designed to stretch your limits.  You’ll receive team feedback about your future aspirations and an action plan of challenges to expand your horizons. We thrive inside a culture that appreciates risk-taking and rewards ideas that inspire.

We believe that people give their best at work when they are fulfilled in all aspects of their lives and we believe in balancing work and personal life. Management level interaction on regular basis bridges the communication gap, which is encouraged through periodic meetings, town halls. You will find the dynamic and young work force at SHIG India a challenging and interesting place to build your career, as well as enjoy the mixed cultural heritage.

Take up the challenge and showcase your talent by joining SHIG India, a part of the fortune 500 SHIG group.