Their smiles bring hope!
Every school today has a fitness center that caters to the overall wellbeing of a child. However, there are some who cannot afford even the basic necessities of life. These children come from economically weaker sections of the society and are deprived of the joy of getting even the basic education which is of utmost importance.

In February 2019, a team from SHIG India visited Jagriti School for blind girls who cater to the visually impaired children. The facility is specially designed and equipped to facilitate boarding, lodging, as well as educational classrooms.

During one of our earlier interaction with the director of the institute, Ms. Sakina Bedi (who is also visually impaired), had expressed her desire to open a fitness center and we promised to fulfill her dream. SHIG India, during the visit had contributed gym equipment and sports shoes to all the children enabling them to think and act beyond just classroom sessions. These may be small things for us, but they matter a lot for a child who cannot see but still appreciate!

While we think that the visually impaired children have limitations, we were pleasantly surprised to see many of them participating in activities such as carpentry, casting, binding, as well as relishing in extracurricular activities, such as art and music. SHIG India firmly believes that there a lot of brilliant and deserving students who, given the right educational opportunities, would be an asset to the nation. We will continue to work for such causes in the future too.