Asiastar, one of the leading brands globally has a product range from 5m – 18m and caters to segments such as intercity buses, school buses, high-end tour buses, urban buses, private coaches, luxury limos, special vehicles and other environment-friendly and energy-saving buses.

Asiastar has over 60 years of experience in the Bus industry and has broken numerous records. The buses have passed many quality certifications such as Chinese 3C Standard, Australian ADR Certificate, American DOT Certificate, European ECE Certificate to name a few.

The manufacturing facility covers a total area of 100,000 square meters in Yangzhou and Xiamen Base which devotes to producing high-tech, new-energy, hybrid power bus, pure electric bus and low-emission luxury bus which caters to the China market as well as exported to Europe, the United States, Australia, England, Canada and other developed countries.

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King kong series – Diesel, gas, pure electric and hybrid applications
Range Models Dimensions (mm) Application
13.7 Meters YBL6148H 13680×2550×3830 Dual Windshields
12 Meters YBL6125H1QJ1 12000×2550×3850 Dual Windshields    
YBL6125H 12000×2550×3860 Single windshields
11.5 Meters YBL6118H 11490×2500×3790 One and Half deck 
12 Meters YBL6127H 12000×2500×3250,3400,3600 Commuter bus
  • YBL6148H
  • YBL6125H1QJ1
  • YBL6125H
  • YBL6118H
  • YBL6127H
Star bus series – Diesel, gas, pure electric and hybrid applications
Range Models Dimensions (mm) Application
12 Meters JS6126GH 12000×2550×3460 City bus with 3 doors
11.3 Meters JS6111SH 11300×2550×3980/4180 Double-decker
13.7 Meters JS6148GH 13700×2550×3460 City bus
18 Meters JS6188GH 18000×2550×3460 BRT
  • YBL6148H
  • YBL6125H1QJ1
  • YBL6125H
  • YBL6118H
City bus, coach - Pure electric and hybrid application
Range Models Dimensions (mm) Application
8 Meters JS6815GHB-EV 8145x2400x2950 City bus, coach
9 Meters YBL6900HB-EV 9000x2500x3320
10.5 Meters JS6108GHB-EV 10500x2500x3560
11 Meters YBL6111HB-EV 11050x2500x3560
12 Meters YBL6112HB-EV 12000x2500x3600
Diesel, gas, pure electric and hybrid applications
  • Blue diamond series
    Range 7.5-10.5 Meters
  • Morning star (School bus) series
    Range 5.7 -11 Meters
  • Chassis
    Two axles
  • Chassis
    Tri axles
Pure electric bus series (6.8 M to 12 M)
& Hybrid bus series (8.1 M to 12 M)